Your moving company for when you move to Munich

Enjoy your move – We'll handle the rest!

Whether you are moving to or in Munich: Professional help will go a long way towards ensuring, that you arrive relaxed and ready to tackle the new environment. A strong partner will help you navigate all potential pitfalls, from traffic to parking bay suspensions and narrow staircases. We here at Movinga have made it our mission, to take the stress out of moving. And after more than 20,000 moves, we really are prepared for all eventualities. In addition to that, our tools (like the online removal planner) and our customer support are also available in English.

We know, that moving is exciting and sometimes somewhat scary. This is why every last one of our customers receives the best support imaginable in form of a personal moving advisor. This expert is always available for any questions or problems you might have – before, during and even after the relocation process.

Excellent services at fair prices

Moving with Movinga is easy. Simply enter your information in our online booking tool. All extra services you might require can be selected here. The price is conveniently updated in real time. After reviewing your personal quote you can easily book everything online. No time-consuming property inspection necessary.

Following the booking, we will select the perfect local partner for your move. Due to our strict quality checks, you avoid risks and gain time to relax and enjoy your new environment.

Talk to us

Especially in unfamiliar circumstances, people feel most comfortable when speaking their native language. That is why all our services, from our booking tool to our friendly customer service, are available in English as well. No need to travel with a dictionary to communicate with your moving company. Especially when it comes to dealing with complicated administrative processes, this will provide you with extra peace-of-mind in a time when you most need it.

Your move deserves great service quality

Over the last year, we have conducted more than 20,000 moves. This wealth of experience has helped us improve our service to the point where we have even been awarded the German Mittelstandspreis. While we are exceptionally proud of this achievement, our customers are the measure by which we judge ourselves. Due to this, we are always closely monitoring all reviews for our services. This helps us improve further every day to ensure, that your move is conducted perfectly.
Check out the reviews that customers have left for us on pages like TrustedShops and discover, why Movinga is the right choice for when you are relocating to Munich.

Top tips for those relocating to Munich

1. Relax in one of the iconic beer gardens

Most people will already have made a mental note to visit a beer garden when first coming to Munich. Among the multitude of relaxed, beer-filled oases all over the city, you should give "Taxisgarten" a go. Here, delicious food meets great beer in a relaxed atmosphere.

Enjoy the view

Visit the Olympiaberg, if you want to get a glimpse of just how beautiful Munich can be when seen from (slightly) afar. If you're lucky, the weather might just be good enough for you to see the Alps as well.

Munich by Tram

The tram line 19 will take you past some of Munich's most impressive architecture. This is by far the cheapest way of exploring tourist hotspots and comes with the added advantage of simply being able to get off at your leisure.

Surfing the city

This curious attraction is drawing large numbers of spectators. And rightly so: Watch surfers from all over the world face the "Eisbachwelle", located at a bridge by the "Haus der Kunst". While it might not sound much, the waves created here are not to be taken lightly. Only very experienced surfers should try their luck.

English Garden

Last but not least, the English Garden should be on anyone's list. Especially in summer, this vast park will provide you with the ideal place to relax and enjoy the warm temperatures. But beware: Some people make use of the right to go fully undressed. While this is perfectly legal and normal in Germany, it might surprise newcomers.