Relocation services from the friendly experts of Movinga

There is no weight too heavy and no way too far: The people behind Movinga dedicate their time and work to provide a relaxing experience for their cients. A choice of supplementary services allows you to customize your move. From the moment you enter our online portal, we are there to assist you – and yes, of course we speak English! Moving has never been so uncomplicated and easy.

Table of contents:

1 – Professional assistance or DIY?
2 – Relocation services: Everything starts with the booking
2.1 – Booking tool and assistance in English
2.2 – The more we know, the sharper we can calculate
3 – We know all about German rules and regulations
4 – Flexibility and easy payments
5 – What does Movinga’s insurance offer?
6 – Houston, we have a problem!
7 – Our clients are our kings and queens

What makes Movinga so attractive in the German relocation market?

  • Transparent costs, no hidden fees
  • Personal support at every stage of your move
  • Flexibility and supreme customer service
  • Friendly moving experts with strong muscles

1. Professional assistance or DIY?

You have found your new home and are eager to move. Now you have to find assistance. Will you manage the move yourself or do you employ professional help? Transporting furniture, kitchen appliances and all the bits and bobs of daily life is a daunting task. If you have plenty of time, you can save some money. However, professional experts know exactly what they are doing. Thanks to their experience and knowledge they are able to disassemble – and reassemble a kitchen and any kind of electrical appliance within a few minutes. Complicated jobs like the transport of a piano or a huge cupboard do not pose problems for them: Our experienced experts are happy to facilitate your life in every possible way.

2. Relocation services: Everything starts with the Calculator

Our online calculator is here to help you get an immediate and accurate offer for your desired services . Start by filling in the cities of your move with the postal code: In the left column (Auszugsort) you enter the city of departure, in the right column (Einzugsort) the city of your destination. Provide your name, e-mail-address and phone number. ‘Umzugskosten berechnen’ takes you to the next step.

2.1. Booking tool and assistance in English

To receive the following instructions in English, please choose the option ‘en’ in the right-hand corner of the mask. The calculation process takes about three minutes. Type the street names, date and time into the mask. Add the size of the involved flats, their location in the building and the walking distance between flat and moving van. If you encounter any questions in this process, you can chat with our customer service or call our support under 0800-7245068. Should something important come up, you can save your progress and return to the calculator later.

2.2. The more we know, the sharper we can calculate

The next step is adding the rooms of your home and the furniture. This makes it possible to calculate the required volume of the van. You have the choice of disassembly by yourself or the Movinga team. The final stage of the calculator is adding services. Do you want supreme insurance? Should we pack and unpack your boxes? Of course, we deliver high quality moving boxes and packaging materials to your doorstep at the required time. Now you will receive the final price for your offer. This is it – there are no extra fees or charges.

3. We know everything about German rules and regulations

Germany is well organized. However, rules and regulations can develop into a kind of bureaucratic jungle for the uninitiated. Movinga joins hands with the most experienced movers in every German city and provides services for any problem that might arise. You live in a busy street right in the city centre? Talk to our assistants! We know how to provide a guaranteed parking space for your van, called ‘Halteverbotszone’ in simple German manner. Providing this involves detailed knowledge of the community rules and an official request, renting special signs and of course paying the necessary costs.

4. Flexibility and easy payments

Movinga offers excellent prices because we have streamlined our organisation. We plan ahead for a long time to ensure maximum use of resources. For example, our vans rarely travel empty. They might take your furniture to a far away city. After delivering your load, they will not return empty. Instead, they will pick up another load. Nevertheless, we are flexible with our relocation services. Until 14 days before the booked date, you can change the date for your move one time without any extra cost. You can pay your bill via PayPal, credit card, bank transfer or invoice.

5. What does Movinga’s insurance offer?

When you choose Movinga for your move, your belongings are insured. Normally pieces of art, objects of value or antiquities are not covered by a standard insurance of moving company., but with Movinga all of this is automatically insured up to a value of € 250.000!

6. Houston, we have a problem!

The day of the move arrived. Your van is parked in your courtyard. Your helpers have packed everything. But: The van is too small. This can happen for various reasons. You might have underestimated the volume of your clothes, your books or other belongings that were not part of the official list submitted to us. Call your personal assistant at Movinga: We will do our best to find a way to transport all your possessions on the same day. If this is not doable, we will organise the transport a few days after that. Relax: You are not alone with your problems. Your Movinga team is there to support you in every possible way.

7. Our clients are our kings and queens

For us, the happiness of our clients, our kings and queens, is our ultimate goal. Scores of satisfied customers show that we truly aim to please. When you chose our relocation services, you opt for an easy, relaxed move. That gives you time and energy to explore your new surroundings. FYI, Movinga also provides some useful insider tips, our handy moving checklist and more help in case you want to move to Munich or Berlin.