Movinga presents MovingaNow – Fast transport service on demand

The Movinga family is growing. We are proud to present our new service to you: MovingaNow. It expands our range of freight transport services and allows us to share the experience we have gained in the removals industry with even more people. What MovingaNow is all about and how it works you will find out here.

MovingaNow - Fast transport service on demand

You've probably been in one of the following situations yourself:

The spontaneous trip to the furniture store ends with the purchase of a new shelf - before you have thought about how to bring the piece home. In online ads, you can quickly get a bargain with just a few clicks - but transportation from the other end of town is not quite as easy. The move to the first own flat or to the shared flat has finally come - but a moving company would be way too expensive for just a few boxes and furniture.

MovingaNow is the solution to all these problems, because it enables us to transport items over short distances and on demand. With our smartphone app you can book spontaneously on the go with your mobile phone or plan ahead for the long term from home. The booking is done in a few minutes with just a few clicks.

You decide what you really need

You can adapt the MovingaNow service to your needs. The first thing you decide is the size of the vehicle. You can choose from three vehicle sizes and thus ensure that the transporter is neither too small nor too big for the project. It also gives you control over a crucial factor in the price calculation and avoids, for example, paying for a vehicle that is far too large.

Next, you decide on the number of helpers you need. Do you only need a driver to pick up your purchases and deliver them to your home? Or do you need a small team of two people to help you with a mini move?  

You can also decide how long the service will last. You can choose from one to eight hours. Finally you choose the date plus the time and can upload the photos of your items. These photos are helpful for us because they allow our helpers to prepare for your order and ensure a smooth process.

User nutzt die MovingaNow App auf dem Smartphone

Always up-to-date

We don't let you in the dark about the status of your order. With the live-tracking in the app, you always know where your team and vehicle is located and how long it takes until they arrive. You can also directly get in contact via SMS or telephone with your team if you need to. You will be informed about the status of your order directly to your mobile phone via push notifications and SMS to make sure that you don't miss any important updates like the arrival of your team or the imminent drop-off.

Fair prices and responsibility

Our goal is to make inner city transportation easier, fairer and more sustainable. MovingaNow is a service that is supposed to be available for everyone, so we offer fair prices. Our offer starts at only 29 € for a car with driver and changes according to vehicle and team size and duration of the order. Since you are able to customize the service to your needs, it also means you can adjust it to your budget.

Our customers are most important to us, but we also want to offer a service that makes a positive impact for our environment. Therefore we use electronic vehicles to reduce the amount of emission and noise, a big problem, especially in big cities.

Berlin is just the beginning

With the launch, the benefits of MovingaNow can only be enjoyed in the capital. Our focus is on outstanding customer service, uncomplicated procedures and fast and spontaneous execution. Berlin offers us the perfect starting point to put MovingaNow through its paces and prepare it for expansion into other German cities. Stay tuned, MovingaNow will surely come to your city soon!

Have a look yourself and visit us on MovingaNow!