Working for Movinga Technology – by Gloria Meghani Bhat

“This is no clone company, not your regular copy cat.”

Back in February 2016, after reading flooding news articles on TechCrunch and all the positive critique about huge investment rounds, I decided there would be no better place to work. These critiques can sometimes make or break your decision about joining a company. It’s when you join a start-up and when you meet the people that their mission also becomes your mission.

I joined Movinga in March 2016 as the first tech recruiter the company ever had.

The vision was to revolutionise and disrupt the moving market, thereby emerging as the market leader. In those first few months, we had to grow fast.

The Moving Industry as we’ve all seen it for decades is a fragmented market. There is no one name that comes to mind when you think of a moving company. We’re here to change that. We want to offer the transparency and trust one needs when moving homes. Providing this ecosystem for a 150 Billion Dollar market was not a small challenge. We decided to tackle it with Mosys, as we call it, the Movinga systems, which work on automating the moving industry and all related processes.

To ensure the success of our tools, I had to hire the best ruby developers out there to help make the quick switch from PHP to Ruby. The hard choice to switch technologies was made by our core engineers to allow the product to scale.

Without a CTO, this transition would be challenging. With only the VP of Product and a few developers to execute our projects, we drove the recruitment mission. Hiring wasn’t going to be easy.

The CTO finally came onboard in May of 2016. We started out with a team of about 6-7 developers and a few product managers, who worked with the mission to disrupt the moving industry.

Of course there were a few set backs, like the slow down in June, but that didn’t stop the tech team from working hard and achieving important goals. All according to the motto: “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger”. We went full force to achieve the goal of automating the processes. Now, by the end of this year, we’ve grown into a powerhouse with 40 Engineers and Product Owners.

This agile team is divided up into 8 core teams, each with a Product Owner and a team of Engineers in charge of the implementation.

Let me just provide you with a few examples of what we’ve been working on:

  • The tech team has been continuously improving the interface the customers see when their move.
  • We have automated the operations tool, allowing our sales and customer support agents to offer better mediation between the partners and customers.
  • Our core team is continuously working on providing better backend support.
  • One of the teams focuses on building an app, which allows our partners to track their fleet and manage their moves, a feature that helps us provide our customers with trusted information.
  • We are also going mobile.

The overarching goal of our teams is to collaborate with the partners and customers to understand the pain areas. Once we know how best to support all sides, we can set up processes and work on the continuous improvement of our service.

Our product is designed to be an online one-stop shop for customers that want to book a move from A to B. We support the customer with an online platform to find a moving company, receive a free, fixed quote and move hassle free. We also encourage the users to rate the service and provide the tools to help the customers to be heard.

Movinga is a product that has not only changed the way customers would book a move, but also provides small and medium business with the necessary tools to reach a larger audience that they normally couldn’t on their own. This allows our partners with limited online resources to reach the masses. We also provide them with tools to manage their own fleet of moving trucks and maximise their revenues.

‘Movinga’ has never been done before and it is disrupting the moving market.

Are you interested in helping us achieve our goals together? Then join our tech team.


Some of our team members also asked to be heard. Below you can read more about what they had to say:

“I used to work as a software engineer in Boston, mainly in c++. After a few years I realised I cared way more about producing a quality product at the end of the day, and less about the specific projects I was working on. When I moved to Berlin I decided to make a change. I joined Movinga as their first quality assurance automation engineer.
In the past few months I had the opportunity to adapt to this new role, learning new technologies and working with absolutely fantastic people. I was able to apply my coding background in a new and relevant way. I’ve watched as our QA team has grown and our deployment and testing structure has improved. I’m glad that I’ve had the opportunity to learn these new skills in a fast paced and fun environment.”

“Movinga is a very dynamic company. I have the pleasure of working with great people coming from different backgrounds. We are doing something that was never done before, so there are many challenges before us, which makes this job very interesting.”

“I’ve been with Movinga almost since the beginning. In that time, we’ve evolved from a normal startup where everybody is responsible for everything to a well structured company. Movinga also helped me learn and develop my skills, in the process becoming a senior and lead full-stack developer.”